We are very proud to announce that we have partnered with 10Ticks (www.10ticks.co.za).

What is 10ticks?

  • 10ticks is a sustainable online Mathematics program.
  • Teachers and pupils will have access to an entire CAPs aligned course delivered online, comprising of animated explanations, tests and worksheets.
  • The system provides online and offline access to over 3,500 world class resources.
Why 10ticks?
  • We want to make Mathematics education more interactive, engaging and personal.
  • We have been listening to parent concerns; specifically about how difficult it is to find the right resources to support maths learning at home.
  • We believe our girls should have a high quality and dynamic online system to provide them with the foundation, values and knowledge for lifelong learning. 
  • We have spent time researching other online resources and found 10ticks to be superior. The programme is already widely used across the UK and Australia, winning the Innovation in Education and Learning UK Government E-Commerce award.
  • Online learning is a hugely effective way for students to gain confidence in mathematics. However, this should be considered complimentary to as opposed to a replacement for traditional classroom teaching.
  • Students can work at their own pace using the 10Ticks School Learning System. Video guides allow students to work through topics with the unique ability to pause and go back to work as many times as they like to fully understand the area. The games with full interactivity ensure all children are engaged in maths and have fun.