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Book blogs vs book logs

Posted by Nina Adams on Wednesday, August 24, 2011, In : SharePoint Intranet (SchoolZone) 

The English Department recently brought Web 2.0 technology to the classroom by adapting their reading project from a traditional book log to a book blog. Grade 10 students worked in groups of three to blog about their favourite books by discussing three main areas, namely character, plot and theme. To do this, students posted on the school intranet which is built on SharePoint 2010 technology.

There are quite a few advantages to using this medium, one of the most important being that teachers ...

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Lego Robotics

Posted by Nina Adams on Tuesday, August 23, 2011, In : Innovative Students 

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is an international Robotics Team Competition for children aged 10 - 16 years. It is about:

1. Introducing children to the fun and excitement of science and technology.
2. Developing children's abilities to work in teams.
3. Stimulating children's use of creativity in the problem-solving process.

A ten week preparation time consists of building a robot to perform tasks on a table, programming this robot, doing a research topic within an overall topic, problem-solving and l...
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3D Modelling with Google Sketchup

Posted by Nina Adams on Wednesday, August 17, 2011, In : Classroom Tech Tools 
See how students use Google Sketchup and Google Earth to design 3D buildings.

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When my parents were 10...

Posted by Nina Adams on Friday, August 12, 2011, In : Innovative Students 
Grade 4LJC girls interviewed their parents to find out how much technology has changed over the years. Enjoy!

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"Teaching for life..." - A look at 21st century skills

Posted by Nina Adams on Saturday, August 6, 2011, In : 21st Century Classroom 

"A generation ago, teachers could expect that what they taught would last their students a lifetime. Today, because of rapid economic and social change, schools have to prepare students for jobs that have not yet been created, technologies that have not yet been invented and problems that we don't yet know will arise."
(Andreas Schleicher)

Much has been published on the topic of 21st century skills and the need for schools to adapt in order to fully prepare our students for an ever-changing wor...
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