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Natural Resources (Geography Gr 9)

Posted by Nina Adams on Wednesday, May 30, 2012, In : Innovative Students 

Grade 9 students had to do an assignment on natural resources by selecting their topic from land, ocean or atmosphere.  Elements of the project included:
  • How the resource was formed
  • The importance to the natural and human environment
  • Its future in regard to conservation, depletion and preservation
  • How students can make a difference in conserving the resource

Students were allowed to present their project in many different formats, including a model, an experiment, movie, PowerPoint, Prezi, report,...

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Our Big Issues

Posted by Nicole Wallace on Wednesday, May 30, 2012, In : Innovative Students 

This year during the Grade 8 Internal Integrated Programme in Term 1, the grade 8s were given the task of investigating “Our Big Issues” which covered a variety of community-based issues in Cape Town. One of these was the use of energy and resources in our school’s community. To this end, they were asked to create a survey in groups about the awareness about the use of energy resources, collect data from members of the community, and present their findings. These were in the form of pow...
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