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BYOD apps for Afrikaans

Posted by Nina Adams on Monday, May 20, 2013, In : BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) 
Teachers in South Africa often comment that there are no apps available for specific languages, for example Afrikaans. However, one does not need to be limited by this, as there are many other apps that can be applied to do the job just as well.

In this BYOD example, Grade 5 students are using Puppetpals 2 and Toontastic to create Afrikaans cartoons. These great apps have been used by both the Preparatory and High School to teach languages, as students are able to visualise and hear their stor...
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Afrikaans blog project (by Insaaf Levy - Gr 6KJ Class Captain)

Posted by Nina Adams on Monday, May 20, 2013, In : Innovative Students 
We really enjoyed this project because we got to watch an Afrikaans movie (Hoofmeisie), in class, that was very funny. It had many jokes that made the class laugh. It also had two scenes that made the Grade 6s sigh and gasp! The actual project that the class had to do was a little bit challenging because we had to write a review in Afrikaans about this movie and then blog about it. Our class really enjoyed this part, we loved looking at each other’s blogs, commenting, reading comments that ...
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Understanding different learning styles (Guest post by Justin Skea - Head of Prep School)

Posted by Nina Adams on Monday, May 20, 2013, In : 21st Century Classroom 
When we move away from the mindset that intelligence is one dimensional, and accept that it is multi-dimensional, we must conclude that children have different ways of learning. How one child perceives and assimilates information can be completely different to another.

Education experts have roughly grouped learning styles into three basic styles – auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. By knowing how your daughter learns best, you can guide her to learn more effectively. I hope that it might a...
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Grade 7 collaborative project with Appleby College

Posted by Nina Adams on Friday, May 10, 2013, In : Innovative Students 

Last term, the Grade 7s completed a collaborative project in Natural Science with the Grade 7 classes of Appleby College in Toronto, Canada.

This included our girls creating presentations about the habitats and adaptations of Southern African animals, while their pupils did the same for Canandian animals.

They shared their projects via the internet, and had to achieve specific goals with the other school’s projects. To round off the project, we collated common questions from their projects...
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