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BYOD apps for Afrikaans

Posted by Nina Adams on Monday, May 20, 2013, In : BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) 
Teachers in South Africa often comment that there are no apps available for specific languages, for example Afrikaans. However, one does not need to be limited by this, as there are many other apps that can be applied to do the job just as well.

In this BYOD example, Grade 5 students are using Puppetpals 2 and Toontastic to create Afrikaans cartoons. These great apps have been used by both the Preparatory and High School to teach languages, as students are able to visualise and hear their stor...
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Grade 4 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Posted by Nina Adams on Tuesday, November 20, 2012, In : BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) 

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