(Sarah Chapman is a High School Science teacher at St Cyprian's School)

Three St Cyprian's School teachers attended a Progro entitled ‘Flipping the classroom’. It was run by John Gibbon (ex-headmaster of Westerford) and his son, Jeremy Gibbon (headmaster of Pinelands High School).

What is flipping the classroom?
‘To flip’ is to turn something over. So a teacher who flips a classroom, is encouraging the students to do what would normally be done in a classroom (often theory learning) with what would normally be done as homework. The idea is that class time could be better spent interacting than listening to a lecture. Flipping the classroom often includes the use of videos, your own or those of others.

Flipping the classroom enables increased contact time between learners and teachers. Teachers are more available to guide and assist, especially students who need some extra support.

It can allow a more personalised education since students can listen/watch videos at home. They may like to ‘pause’ you or ‘rewind’ you when watching a video. This can allow students to learn at their own pace.

Students who may be absent, can still access the content of lessons and they then don’t miss out on an explanation.
Teachers can take on a more of a ‘tutor’ role in the class and learners have more control over how they learn.
Some activities can be shifted out of the class to give more time to class activities. Learners must be trained in note taking and the process of flipping the classroom.

Here is an example of a tutorial video: