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Our vision of the 21st century learner

Posted by Nina Adams on Monday, January 20, 2014, In : Innovative Students 

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Thinking Skills - Mind Inclined

Posted by Nina Adams on Wednesday, April 17, 2013, In : 21st Century Classroom 
Guest post by Justin Skea (Head of Prep School)

This image outlines the key habits, skills and dispositions identified by the St Cyprian’s School Prep staff during a workshop as being required by every child of the 21st century.

In making this known to you, we make a very public commitment to teach in such a way that we focus not merely on how students produce knowledge, but also how they reproduce it.

Furthermore, as teachers, we commit to developing these skills in your daughter in everyth...
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"Teaching for life..." - A look at 21st century skills

Posted by Nina Adams on Saturday, August 6, 2011, In : 21st Century Classroom 

"A generation ago, teachers could expect that what they taught would last their students a lifetime. Today, because of rapid economic and social change, schools have to prepare students for jobs that have not yet been created, technologies that have not yet been invented and problems that we don't yet know will arise."
(Andreas Schleicher)

Much has been published on the topic of 21st century skills and the need for schools to adapt in order to fully prepare our students for an ever-changing wor...
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