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Pinehurst Primary School Project by Insaaf levy, Cassidy Mihalik, Cassandra Scheepers & Megan Downing (Gr 4)

Posted by Nina Adams on Thursday, November 3, 2011, In : Innovative Students 

We went to Pinehurst Primary School because our teachers, Mrs. Jackson an Miss. Clarke, wanted us to extend their Microsoft Project. They did this by making us (the children) use Jing. Then we had to teach the children at Pinehurst Primary how to use Windows live Movie Maker. We had lots of fun when we tought them how to use it. It was nice because we got to spend a hour in our teachers shoes. We learnt how to work with other children, they were both girls and boys. We also learnt how to...
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Students use Jing to create instructional videos

Posted by Nina Adams on Saturday, July 23, 2011, In : Innovative Students 
Grade 7 students have been hard at work creating instructional videos for Microsoft Word using Jing. Their brief was to create tutorials that would allow the viewer to learn different functions in Microsoft Word for example formatting or editing documents.

The girls initially found it quite challenging as they first had to have an excellent understanding of the topic themselves before attempting to teach others. They had to carefully prepare their narration and figure out the best way of prese...
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