The Best Art Apps To Use In The Classroom
Education has long benefited from the advances in technology from educational videos to today’s personal tablets, education has always been at the forefront of incorporating new technology into the classroom. Educational apps are created every day for all different kinds of subjects. The art apps are especially helpful to induce creativity, strengthen critical thinking, and generate a more useful classroom experience. Here are a few of the most essential art apps you can use in the classroom.

Learning to paint is an important skill in art class because it allows students to express themselves creatively and teach them to be more confident in their abilities. Such creative activities are also great for students with special needs as it can help their socialization skills and create a more comfortable learning environment.

Brushes is a virtual painting tool which lets students paint without worrying about making mistakes or a mess, as they can be easily undone in the app. When the student is done with their work, they can share it on social media sites and print it out. 

Art Set
This artistic app is better than buying your very own set of art materials. For less than a dollar you can get oil paint, blending tools, metallic paint, fluorescent paint, multiple types of paper, crayons, colored pencils, and marker pens on a virtual platform. The virtual art supplies have the same exact effect they would if you have them in real life, except on this app mistakes can be redone and you don’t ever have to worry about running out of supplies.
The Life of Art
Part of art education is understanding the history of certain pieces or what makes them so important.  The Life of Art app helps students understand how particular art pieces ended up at the Getty Museum by using critical thinking and the physical clues available. It’s a wonderful tool for both art teachers and history teachers to give students a fun look at familiar pieces of art and learn more about their history.  The app includes video, animation, photography, and tons of biographical information on the art works.

Faces iMake
This app is perfect for young children and kids with disabilities. It helps develop right brain capabilities which assists in creativity and growing visual awareness. Faces iMake encourages children to use the tools in front of them to create interesting looking faces. Students can create faces made out of everyday objects such as fruit, toys, candy, tools, kitchen supplies, and musical instruments. It teaches children to look past an item’s function to its creative purpose.
Letters of Vincent Van Gogh
Art is not just about creating works of art, but also about understanding history’s greatest artists. Vincent Van Gogh is widely recognized as one of the best artists, so he’s a great teaching tool for students of all ages. This app is provided by Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum and allows students to read his letters, look at his early sketches, watch video interviews from experts on his work, and take a look at the art pieces in the museum. The app will give students an appreciation for one of the best artists and perhaps the whole subject too.
Getting students to understand and enjoy art is important because it teaches much more than creativity. Students are able to become more independent, develop critical thinking skills, and feel more accomplished. Whether students want to learn photography or uncover the best way to paint, there are art apps that can help them develop their creativity everyday. 

Vera Reed is a freelance writer and has written several articles about education and art education. She loves sharing her tips with educators on how to create a more creative and engaging classroom experience for students of all ages. To find more of her writing, visit the Accredited Online website, where she regularly contributes